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Metamask Airdrop Guide: How to get ($MASK) tokens for free?

According to rumors, a Metamask Airdrop may be made on March 31, 2023, which is why many cryptocurrency users are scrambling to get their hands on the Metamask Airdrop Guide. We have created a list of things you must do in order to be qualified for the $MASK token airdrop.

Please be aware that there has not yet been a formal announcement regarding the Metamask airdrop, and all information is merely speculative. The manual was produced using our expertise. A new BridgeAggregator that MetaMask has released may make users eligible for a future airdrop of the MetaMask cryptocurrency.

The article details the new feature and describes how to get free access to the tokens when they go live.

What is an Airdrop?

An airdrop is a form of promotion employed by the cryptocurrency sector to distribute free tokens to a large audience. An airdrop aims to generate buzz about the initiative and increase interest. Companies frequently ask users to fulfill a few requirements, like joining their Telegram group or following them on their social networking sites, in order to receive the free tokens.

MetaMask Bridge: What is it?

Metamask Bridge is a multichain swap aggregator which allows you to swap coins from one chain to a different one while checking prices without leaving the Dapp. When it first launched, Metamask Bridge offered free, 1:1 currency transfers up to $10,000 USD. (which now is no freer).

How Does the Metamask Airdrop Work?

A promotional campaign named the Metamask airdrop offers free tokens to consumers of the platform. The ShapeShift exchange’s native token, “FOX,” is the name of the tokens that are being deployed. You need a Metamask wallet and have to follow a few simple instructions in order to take part in the airdrop.

Step-by-Step MetaMask ($MASK) Airdrop Instructions

A guide to getting a potential airdrop of MetaMask tokens is provided below:

  1. Download the MetaMask wallet.
  2. Create a wallet with MetaMask. Keep in mind to safeguard your recovery phrase.
  3. Spend money or purchase some coins. Purchases of ETH using credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and bank transactions are supported by MetaMask.
  4. Connect with the top Ethereum dApps
  5. Use their Swap feature to convert different coins.
  6. For transferring your coins from one network to another, use their Bridge.
  7. Create and implement Gnosis Safe
  8. Join the Initial Access Program in Infura
  9. Give MetaMask a donation through Gitcoin

Download and create a wallet on Metamsk

First of all, to participate in this Airdrop you need to download and create a wallet on the Metamask Platform. Don’t forget to safeguard your recovering key phases to prevent the loss of your account.

Connect with the top Ethereum dApps

With your wallet, users can engage with some of the most well-known Ethereum dApps:

  • Uniswap
  • Sushiswap
  • Curve
  • Aave
  • Lido
  • Balancer

You can possibly become eligible for a $MASK airdrop by engaging in on-chain activities like depositing money, trading assets, and supplying liquidity.

Swap ERC-20 Tokens on MetaMask

You can swap between different coins using the built-in swap feature of the app. It is recommended to swap ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum mainnet, since ConsenSys focuses on the Ethereum product suite.

metamask airdrop

Bridge Tokens on MetaMask

Users of MetaMask can transfer tokens from the Ethereum network to other blockchain networks using the app’s built-in bridge function. To increase your odds of receiving an airdrop, it is advised to conduct several transactions. The bridge function currently supports Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Ethereum.

metamask airdrop
  • Do at least 10 Bridge transactions like this one.

Stake on Metamask

Staking is a unique feature that Metamask has also introduced. Staking through Metamask is currently in beta. When you click on Stake on the Metamask portfolio page, two choices appear Stake through Lido and Stake through Rocket pool.

You will receive 4.4% interest on Ethereum when you stake stETH on Metamask.

Set Up Multisigners

Considering that Consensys is one of the most well-known partners in Gnosis Safe, using it might be advantageous for getting Airdrop.

  • Link and begin safely using Gnosis.
  • Try to carry out at least 10 deals.

Become a Gitcoin Donor

Given that Consensys is the owner of “Gitcoin: Build and Fund the Open Web Together,” there is a good chance that its customers will receive a MetaMask airdrop. In order to donate:

  • Visit
  • Give at least $10.
  • Setup the gitcoin passport
  • utilize a typical Layer 1 transaction

What Is Important About the Metamask Airdrop?

There are several motivations to participate in the Metamask airdrop. the chance to obtain free tokens that could become valuable if the ShapeShift exchange becomes well-known. Additionally, participating in the airdrop might help you become more accustomed to Metamask and the ShapeShift platform, which might be useful if you decide to engage in cryptocurrency trading in the future.

Tips for Participating in the Metamask Airdrop

Consider the following tips to make the most of the Metamask airdrop:

1. Finish the tasks as quickly as you can

Because many airdrops have a limited number of tokens available, completing the necessary tasks as quickly as possible will ensure that you receive the tokens.

2. Pay close attention to the instructions

To ensure you avoid skipping any steps, pay close consideration to the airdrop instructions.

3. Watch out for fraud

Watch out for scammers who pretend to be involved with the Metamask airdrop. Participate in the airdrop only through authorized methods.


You can earn free $ mask tokens by participating in the Metamask airdrop by performing a few relatively easy tasks. You can get familiar with Metamask and the ShapeShift exchange by taking part in the airdrop with the potential for earning valuable coins. Just make sure to attentively follow the directions and watch out for scams.

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