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What is the Threads app? The Ultimate Answers to 11 Questions

Let’s explore the new Threads App. Learn how to create a Threads account and post on Instagram’s new social network today.

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the social network has announced several changes that have not pleased its users. In response, several competitors to the bluebird have emerged. The most recent is Threads, launched by Meta’s Instagram in early July.

So far, Twitter’s rivals have yet to have spectacular success. But that could change with the arrival of Meta’s new social network because the big tech has a WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram user base, already has the necessary infrastructure to scale the business, and still has the knowledge of successes and failures to apply on Threads.

What are Meta Threads

Threads is a text chat app similar to Twitter. The new application, developed by the Instagram team, allows posts of up to 500 characters, links, photos, and videos of up to 5 minutes.

 Threads app

When you integrate your Instagram account with Threads, you’ll notice that “future versions of Threads will have access to Stinky.” The idea is to make it compatible with open social networks like Mastodon.

How to create your Threads account

You don’t need an active Facebook or Instagram account to sign up for Threads. Below, we will teach you the step-by-step for both groups.

For those who already have an Instagram account

Starting with the simplest, if you already have an Instagram account, follow the step by step:

  1. Download the Threads app ( Android and iOS );
  2. On the home page, tap on “Log in with Instagram”;
  3. Open the Instagram app, go to notifications (the heart symbol), and approve your access;
  4. Go back to Threads and wait for recognition;
  5. Fill in your Bio and Link or click “Import from Instagram” to complete the information. Afterward, click on “Continue”;
  6. Choose between public or private profile and tap “Continue”;
  7. Finally, read how Threads works and tap “Join Threads.”

For those who don’t have an Instagram account

Time required: 4 minutes.

  1. Download the Threads app ( Android and iOS )
  2. Tap “Create New Account.”
  3. In the next window, enter your full name and create a password with at least 6 characters (between letters and numbers).
  4. Now, choose to save your login information on your mobile phone. You can log in automatically without entering your username and password every time. If not, tap “Not now.”
  5. In the next step, enter your date of birth and create a username (the green symbol next to it indicates that there is no other person with that account name).
  6. Now, enter your cell phone number and tap “Next” or click “Sign up with email” to set up a verification form. If you already have an account linked to your phone or email, Thread will ask if you want to sign in to your existing account. In this case, as we create an account from scratch, just select “Create a new account.”
  7. Go to your SMS app or email inbox and look for the Instagram message. Enter the 6-digit verification code and tap “Next.” Finally, tap on “Agree.”

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 Threads app

How to use Threads

  • To start, you need to add people. Find the profiles in the magnifying glass tab. There, even before you write, some account suggestions will appear. Just tap “Follow” to follow the posts. To add a specific profile, type the name in the search field and click “Follow.”
  • Now, when these users post, they will appear in the first tab, the house tab. Similar to Twitter, you can like, comment, repost, or quote on your profile. The good news is that, besides sharing these posts on other apps, you can publish them on Instagram – click on the plane and choose.
  • To write a new post, tap the pencil tab. Now, write your message and, if you wish, add photos, videos, and links. Before publishing, you can change who can reply. By default, it will be set to “Anyone can reply.” If you prefer, tap on the button and change it to “Profiles you follow” or “Mentioned only.”
  • You can track your account activity in the heart tab, like on Instagram. Approve profiles, see responses, mentions, and verified accounts that follow you.
  • Finally, under the person icon, you can access your Threads profile. Edit your information, switch to Instagram with just one tap, or view your posts and responses.

Answers to All your questions

Threads are what? How do you make a profile?

Meta’s text-based Twitter competitor is called “Threads.” If you already have an Instagram account, you can use those login details to sign up.

What’s different about it from Twitter?

The app does not have any premium features or advertisements at this time. However, even if you invest in Meta Verified, your verified badge from Instagram will follow you. Users can tap into their existing social networks when looking for new individuals to follow on Instagram.

The software has just gone live, lacking Twitter-like functions like extended video, direct messages, and live audio rooms.

How does Threads work?

More than a hundred nations already support the platform on iOS and Android. However, the EU does not yet have access to the app because of privacy concerns. Because you’re using your Instagram credentials to sign in, you’ll automatically be followed by everyone in your followers’ networks. Your login details and settings, such as your blocked user list, will also be transferred.

How many people are using this?

Threads hit 10 million signups within hours of its release. It reached 30 million users in less than 24 hours.

How many times can you post on Threads?

The app’s limit for a single user post is 500 characters. You can upload films, photos, and GIFs to the post. There can be up to 10 media files attached to a thread post.

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Can Threads be used on the web?

Thread profiles and posts are viewable via the web. However, you cannot use your account to sign in and publish.


How do you get rid of your account on Threads?

To permanently erase your Threads account, you must also cancel your Instagram account, as per Meta’s “Supplemental Privacy Policy.”

Is there a “Following” timeline in Threads?

There is no timeframe on Threads that restricts your feed to only the accounts you follow. Algorithms decide which accounts you follow and which other people to see in your home timeline.

In response to a user, Instagram co-founder and CEO Adam Mosseri said, “We do rank posts lightly and show recommendations (posts from accounts you don’t follow) in the feed,” noting that this was especially crucial for a new app before people followed enough accounts.

Do Threads allow direct messages?

The app does not allow you to communicate with other users. Mosseri stated, “not build yet another inbox and instead let people send threads to other apps.”

Does the diversity include Threads?

Unfortunately, the decentralized social network feature is unavailable in the new app from Meta. That rules out any server migration, both in and out. But Mosseri assured me that support for ActivityPub was on the way.

Support for Mastodon’s underlying ActivityPub protocol will be incorporated into this app as soon as possible. Various issues with a decentralized network prevented us from finishing it before launch, but he promised it was on the way.

You may leave Threads or (ideally) be de-platformed in the future. Thus, it’s essential to think about these things now. In that case, your audience should follow you to the new server. Can make that possible.

What are some things that Threads doesn’t have right now?

  • Inclusion of GIFs in the “Following” feed
  • Complete support for the online edition
  • Fixing up comments
  • On-the-fly interpretation
  • Hashtag alt text images created by users are supported.

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