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The world’s fastest electric aircraft public

Automobile company Rolls-Royce has claimed to have built the world’s fastest electric aircraft. Named the “Spirit of Innovation”, the aircraft has recently been successfully tested.

According to the company, its maximum speed is 387.4 miles per hour. A recent Rolls-Royce release claims that the Spirit of Innovation holds three world records.

According to the statement, in a test conducted on November 16, the aircraft covered a distance of 1.8 miles at 345.4 miles per hour, while the previous record was 132 miles per hour.

At 9.3 miles per hour, the plane surpassed 182 miles per hour and traveled 330 miles per hour.

The company claims that with these two records, the aircraft reached an altitude of 9,842.5 feet in 202 seconds. This is 60 seconds less than the current record.

The aircraft uses a 400 kW electric powertrain battery.

The aircraft was built under the Electrification of Flight (Electrification of Air Travel) project with financial support from the British Government and the Aerospace Technology Institute.

The company said it was preparing to register its record with the World Air Sports Federation.

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