Friday, May 24, 2024

Terms You Must Know About Cryptocurrency Market

In the cryptocurrency world people talk in short and some code words . the words which you should know before interning the cryptocurrency world. 

  1. HODL –  Hold on for your dear life. It means holding a coin for the long term and not selling it. 
  2.  Altcoin – Every cryptocurrency other than bitcoin.
  3. FOMO – Fear of missing out. Fear of losing the bull trend of a coin.
  4. JOMO – Joy of missing out, Happy you didn’t buy a coin
  5. Moon – Where everyone wants their coin to go.
  6. Bag Holder – Someone who is holding a lot of coins in the hopes that it will go up in the future.
  7.  Shitcoin – A worthless coin with no real value
  8. Dump – Downward price movement or a decision to sell a coin
  9. DYOR – Do your own research
  10. FUD – Fear, uncertainty and doubt
  11.  Whale – A Big Investors trader with a lot of money. 
  12.  Mining – The process of verifying transactions on the blockchain. 
  13.  Long – A decision to hold onto a coin or decision of buying.
  14.  REKT – When a coin goes down sharply and you have a bad loss
  15. Lambo – The car that many people want to buy after becoming rich.
  16. Swing – Rapid change of  price of a coin. 
  17. Pump – Effort to boost a coin by buying a lot of it all at once.
  18. Bearish – When the sentiment on a coin is negative or Downtrend
  19.   Bullish – When the sentiment on a coin is positive or Uptrend.
  20.   Exchange – Websites that allow you to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies
  21.   FIAT – Currency which is issued by a government
  22. TA – Technical analysis
  23. ATH – All-time high
  24. FA – Fundamental analysis
  25. MCAP – Market capitalization
  26.  Shill: Make a hype of coins in the market.
  27. Short: Prediction on ‘price will go down’.
  28. ICO: Initial Coin Offering
  29. IDO: Initial Dex Offering
  30. DeFi : Decentralized Finance

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