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Suicide Machine is now legalized in Switzerland

The Swiss government has legalized the use of suicide machines. According to the manufacturer, this machine can kill any person in 1 minute without any pain. This machine is shaped like a coffin. Oxygen levels are reduced in this machine, which causes death within a minute.

The director of  Exit International company  Dr. Philip Nitschke built this death machine. He is also known as Dr. Death. Euthanasia  is legal in Switzerland. Exit International claims that 1,300 people committed suicide in Switzerland last year with the help of others.

The machine is said to be designed for people who are ill and cannot walk. The machine can be operated from the inside. Sick person can operate the machine even by blinking his eyes from inside the machine. The machine is equipped with a biodegradable capsule that can be used as a coffin.

This machine is called SARCO. A prototype has now been introduced.  “If all goes well, this machine will be available next year, this is the most expensive project ever but we are very close. ” Dr. Nitschke said. 

Dr. Nitschke is also being criticized by some groups of people, who have questioned the way machines are used. They call it the Dangerous Gas Chamber. Some people have even claimed that this machine incites people to commit suicide. At present, two machine prototypes are ready. A third machine is also being built. It is expected to be ready by next year.

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