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Research SuperCluster Fastest AI Supercomputer :unveiled By Meta

Meta parent company of Facebook has disclosed that its newly-created artificial intelligence (AI) “Research Super Cluster” (RSC) will make it easier to build the metaverse. Research SuperCluster is a new supercomputer which is invented by Meta . It is said that Research SuperCluster (RSC) will enable new AI models which learn and understand hundreds of languages. 

The biggest social media site has  said it believes that  Research Super Cluster (RSC) is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world and will be on the top  when it is fully operational.  According  to the introductory post of the hardware, on 24, January,  it will likely be  operational in mid-2022.

Meta has developed what we believe is the world’s fastest AI supercomputer. We’re calling it RSC for AI Research SuperCluster.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg  posted in Jan. 25.

Meta didn’t mention the location of the computer and the costs of its  development .

Metaverse is a virtual reality, where we can interact with people, work and play by using AR/VR technologies.  Facebook has changed its parent company name to Meta In October, which reflects that Facebook is not limited only in social media.

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