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Quick Introduction to Shop- to- Earn The ShopNext Project

ShopNext is a Shop-to-Earn Crypto project developed by Vietnam based shopping site.  Shopiness. It provides rewards when you shop on this site. Currently it has 700,000 users  and 1Million  transactions every month. This project is based on Binance Smart Chain and it has its own token named Next. 

Main motive of this project is to introduce crypo to the masses and make it user friendly. This project has already partnered with 600 local and global brands. It works on the cash back concept of shopping. 

While collaborating with brands, Brands give a certain Percentage of commission to the Shopnext project and from which Shopnext gives reward to its users. Collaborating with this project seems to be beneficial to brands too. Because whenever customers are rewarded they will be motivated to shop with the brands for the rewards, it may help the brands to increase their revenue and profits too. 

Whenever you shop with Shopnext ecosystem, you will be rewarded by NEXT token. You can earn money by shopping or staking the Next token. Reward system is based on how much tokne you own. Higher the token higher the reward. At the beginning all the users are in the same level, if you want more reward you can upgrade your level using the Next Token.       

While talking about its Tokonomics it is a fully utility based project and it has a total supply to 1,000,000,000 tokens. The cash bank is based on the percentage of commission which is paid by brands. Users can withdraw cash back as BTC, BNB, Eth on the binance crypto wallet. It rewards by Next token too in every transaction.  

Currently Binance Pay, Shopiiness and Binance Smart Chain is the strategic partner of this project. It has collaborated with well known brands like Amazon, Aliexpress, Adidas, Nike, SevenEleven and so on.   

In conclusion we can say that it has a very good and strong foundation. It may be a good project to invest in considering that it is not financial advice. But in the long run it may give a good return to the investors. It has a price of $0.07741  as of 13 January, 2022 12:15 (JST)  according to CoinmarketCap. Tt has 60.3K follower in the social media Twitter.   

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