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Introduction of The Neo Tokyo NFT Project and It’s Sections

The Neo Tokyo NFT was delivered in October 2021 by the renowned Crypto YouTuber Alex Becker. Which can be Found on OpenSea Marketplace, it runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and is isolated into four sections.

It is separated in four sections i.e. Neo Tokyo Identities, Vault Cards, Item Caches and Land Deeds . Which makes it different from the commonplace NFT project. Neo Tokyo Identities is left hidden. Individuals should enter whitelists by endeavoring to tackle questions to mint the NFT.

Neo Tokyo was initially a 1987 Japanese animated film that is viewed as a faction exemplary in the anime local area. The movie contained three 50-minute brief tales, every one with an unmistakable screenwriter just as chief.

The film is set in a metropolitan tragic climate. Individuals would be taking part in conundrums to get NFT and access into this undertaking. He began putting out these enigmas and hints all around his online media and individuals were attempting to tackle them.

Individuals who did wound up getting an id and at the time there still was certifiably not a full comprehension of what precisely the id did. Before long he began to accomplish more questions and individuals began to settle them to win all the more free NFTs. 

The Neo Tokyo NFT Collection created by Alex Becker has been separated into four sections:

Neo Tokyo Identities: Neo Tokyo Identities are the real personalities of the game’s characters. These characters can for sure be men or ladies, and can have different classes, for example, ‘colleague’ or ‘club proprietor,’ and furthermore have separate document text tones like white, green, blue, etc, just as various qualities.

Neo Tokyo Vault Cards: Neo Tokyo Vault Cards take after financial balances, complete with FICO scores, expanded inventory things, just as a level of wealth in the game had.

Neo Tokyo Item Caches: Clothing, cars, rudders, too as weapons would all be able to be found in Neo Tokyo Item Caches.

Neo Tokyo Land Deeds: Neo Tokyo Land Deeds appear to be basically plots of land dissipated across the guide in different areas. It includes Decentral Land in huge cost.

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