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Pokémon Go Developer company raised $300 million to make “Real World Metaverse”

Niantic, the creator behind Pokémon Go, plans to take on Meta’s metaverse vision armed with a new $ 300 Million backing round that gives the scaleup a$ 9 Billion valuation.

The Pokémon Go engineer’s vision for the metaverse is very different from the one Facebook  is advancing, which targets interfacing clients in VR. Niantic’s originator and CEO John Hanke really distributed a blog entry recently saying this methodology depending on computer generated simulation, advocated by Ready Player One, is a “dystopian nightmare.”

Niantic is encouraging an expanded  Augmented Reality stage based on a 3D model of the planet that can end up being vital in the forthcoming registering insurgency, and probably will be a basic expansion to the universe of AR. 

“We’re assembling a future where this present reality is overlaid with advanced manifestations, amusement, and data, making it more mysterious, fun, and useful,” said Niantic’s CEO and originator, John Hanke. He further expressed that this vision would require a venture of innovation, ability, and creative mind to happen as expected.

Different from Facebook’s metaverse, which depends on computer generated simulation, Niantic’s metaverse depends on expanded reality. It has alluded to VR headset-bound metaverses as a “tragic bad dream,” which doesn’t come as a very remarkable shock given Niantic’s energetic ventures and tasks identified with AR. 

Niantic plans to fabricate such an innovation (for this situation, the metaverse) that permits individuals to be more associated with their genuine environmental elements. The organization accepts that the association between the physical and virtual world is significant and one relies upon the other to advance the encounters of both.

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