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Is Apple Introducing AR Glasses?


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According to the rumors, Apple is planning to launch  AR glasses. Apple is once aging in the train of hype. As we all know it is one of the most popular and prestigious brands of the world, agin planning to amaze the consumers with its brand new product augmented reality glasses.  

If rumors are true then next year will be a really busy and important year for Apple. As we all know, the first Macintosh was  introduced in 1984, the first iMac in 1999 or the iPhone in 2007. Now Apple is all into its new territory AR/VR Glasses.  

Next year will be important to Apple. It is rumored that Apple is to encompass augmented reality and virtual reality. AR represents the computerized images and information in reality and VR represents visualizing the computerized virtual world with your eyes with gadgets.  

Its launching date is still not confirmed yet. However it is supposed to available on second half of 2022. We also don’t know what using iGlass will feel like or if it’ll be sold as an accessories, like the Apple Watch and AirPods.  

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