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How To Screen Record On Mac?

For tech experts, educators, businesspeople, gamers, and others, the knowledge of How To Screen Record On Mac is an essential skill. Screen recording is a necessary skill for everyone who has to record and distribute their on-screen activities. We’ll walk you through different ways to screen record on a Mac.

You can store and share critical audio and video content, such as game sessions, video chats, seminars, YouTube streams, and more by learning How To Screen Record On Mac. With the help of this comprehensive tutorial, you can record your Mac screen in high-definition video and audio. 

How to Screen Record on Mac using the Screenshot Toolbar?

How To Screen Record On Mac

You can take screenshots of your screen using the built-in Screenshot toolbar if your Mac is running Mojave OS or a more newer version of macOS. But first, check your Mac’s storage to make sure you have enough space on the disk to keep your recording.

To make sure everything is operating smoothly and avoid errors or crashes, you might also wish to evaluate the performance of your Mac. Follow these steps to Screen Recording on Mac using the Screenshot Toolbar:

  • Ensure your Mac has enough disk space and optimal performance.
  • Open the application or window you want to record.
  • Press and hold Shift + Command + 5 to open the Screenshot toolbar.
  • Select the screen recording icon on the left to record the entire screen or the one on the right to record a specific portion. Drag your cursor to specify the area if needed.
  • Click the “Record” button to start recording.
  • To end the recording, click the “Stop” button on the menu bar or press Command + Control + Escape.

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Pros of using the Screenshot Toolbar for Screen Recording

  • Quick and Convenient: Easy access with a keyboard shortcut, no need for additional programs.
  • Free: The Screenshot toolbar comes pre-installed on your Mac.
  • Customizable: Adjust frame size, choose audio inputs, show custom settings, delay recording, and save preferences.

Cons of using the Screenshot Toolbar for Screen Recording

  • Limited Features: Basic tool without advanced editing, audio/visual effects, or annotations.
  • Limited Export Options: Can only export recordings as .mov files; conversion is needed for other file types.
  • Manual Recording Only: Cannot schedule screen recordings; must start and stop manually.

How to Screen Record with Audio on Mac using QuickTime Player?

The easiest way to record your screen with audio during a presentation or tutorial on the Mac may be to use QuickTime Player. Similar to the Screenshot toolbar, Macs come with Quicktime player pre-installed and ready to use.

How To Screen Record On Mac

Here’s how to use QuickTime Player to record a Mac screen with audio:

  • Open the QuickTime Player application.
  • Click on “File” in the Menu bar and select “New Screen Recording.”
  • Click the arrow next to the red Record button to choose your audio input source.
  • Click the Record button to set up the screen recording. To record the entire screen, click anywhere on the screen. To record a specific portion, drag the cursor to select the area, then click “Start Recording.”
  • To stop recording, click the “Stop” button in the menu bar, or press and hold Command + Control + Escape.

Pros of using QuickTime Player for Screen Recording with Audio

  • Audio Recording: Captures audio along with the screen, making it suitable for presentations and tutorials.
  • Pre-installed: QuickTime Player comes pre-installed on Macs.
  • Compatibility: Works with older versions of macOS.

Cons of using QuickTime Player for Screen Recording with Audio

  • Fewer Features: Compared to advanced screen recording tools, QuickTime has limited features.
  • No Timer for Delayed Recording: Cannot set a timer for delayed recording.
  • No Preference Memory: QuickTime may not remember user preferences for subsequent recordings.

While QuickTime Player is a convenient option for basic screen recording with audio, users should be aware of its limitations, especially if advanced features are required for their recording needs.

Apple does not officially allow screen recording on a Mac with internal audio or the recording of specific applications due to copyright concerns. However, third-party applications have found solutions to enable screen recording on Mac with internal audio for professional purposes.

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Third-Party Screen Recorders

Although they require additional software to be downloaded, third-party screen recorders can provide more functions than the built-in programs on your Mac. Although third-party apps can lead to problems with performance privacy and security (yes, viruses can infect Macs), if you stick to using tools from the App Store and read reviews first, you should be fine.

An overview of some of the most well-known third-party screen recorder programs is provided below:

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is great for recording professional clips and live streaming.

Advantages: Free and open-source, records internal audio on macOS Ventura or newer, capability to record specific applications or windows. 

Drawbacks: Steep learning curve, demanding system requirements, lacks advanced editing features.


Advantages: Records internal system audio, and allows mixing and matching of recordings from specific windows, applications, and devices.

Drawbacks: Relatively high cost, but provides powerful editing capabilities.


Advantages: Intuitive interface, can screen record with internal audio, the option to record a specific application or window, includes useful editing features.

Drawbacks: Operates on a subscription model, but offers free recording of short videos.

RogueAmoeba’s Loopback

Advantages: Creates a virtual device to merge audio from different sources, and enables recording internal audio from any chosen device or application. 

How it works: After setup, Loopback appears in Mac’s Screenshot toolbar and QuickTime Player as an audio option.

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