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Best Games with Play-To-Earn Feature

We often play different games on a regular basis, do you wonder if any one pays you while you play the games?  In this age of decentralization and playing games several games are available which provides you with the PLay to Earn (P2E) feature.  Several games are providing NFTs and coin prizes when you play games and win battles.   

Here are some Play to Earn games, by playing which you can earn a really good amount of money.

  1. Upland :  It is a metaverse  game where we can earn while playing the game. You can buy, sell and trade properties on it. You can explore cities and mint rare NFTs and make a good amount of money by selling them in the market. The UPX token can be used for buying NFTs or you can directly cash out by selling the token in the market.
  1. Axie Infinity : It is a truly play to earn game based on battles. You can earn SLP token if you win the battles. You can play this game on  iOS, Android and PC. You can buy, play, breed and sell axies in the market . It is really a fun game for those who want to earn while playing a fantastic game. 
  1.  The Sandbox : This is a metaverse which is creating a different universe for the players. You can buy, sell and trade lands on this platform. You can make money by renting your land in the metaverse.


4. REVV Racing This is a car racing game with play to earn features. It provides you with a penalty competitive and wonderful racing experience.  You can play the game by, NFT REVV racing cars.  The game will provide you a real time driving experience. You can play the game on PC.

  1. Blankos Block Party : This is an  anticipated crypto project to date. Where you can play games, buy, sell or hold NFTs and make your own games. It is a really interesting and refreshing game to play and earn. You can play the game on PC.

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